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  • We aim to offer the best price in New Zealand for physical bulk silver bullion & gold bullion with efficient, courteous, 24 hour service.
  • We will endeavour to beat any NZ competitor price on the same item.
  • Buy bullion online, ring us on 03 477 9178 (9am-5pm) or txt Scott: 027-477-5198 (24/7).

Why buy silver bullion or gold bullion?


  • Gold and silver protect and preserve your wealth in something you can physically hold, eliminating the 3rd party risk inherent in those “paper investments”.
  • The more paper/plastic currency central banks print, the less value it has. There is more paper/plastic fiat currency in circulation today than ever before.
  • Due to this inflationary practice, dollars depreciate; silver and gold appreciates: experts predict silver will be worth up to $1,500 & gold $5000 per ounce within the next 5 years.
  • The Chinese government runs TV ads encouraging its citizens to invest in silver; India regards silver & gold as sacred: that’s over 2.6  billion people chasing these metals in 2 nations alone.
  • New industrial uses for silver are regularly discovered, putting pressure on the worlds existing silver supply. Even today, supply cannot meet demand.
  • Gold & silver are traditionally the assets of choice when investors lose confidence in share-markets and currencies; and it is happening right now!
  • Physical silver or gold is exciting to hold, very safe as an investment, easy to resell and free of GST in New Zealand.

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BuyBullion is a Dunedin, New Zealand buyer+seller of precious metals.

We specialise in gold and silver rounds, bars and bullion.

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Gold and silver bullion are sound money. We hope you benefit from holding real gold and silver and protect your wealth from the ravages of monetary debasement.

We are also New Zealand Registered Financial Service Providers and members of the IFSO Dispute Resolution Scheme as required by law.

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