Terms and Conditions

  • Gold and silver products displayed in the online shop automatically update every 3 minutes in relation to the spot price of the metal.
  • Displayed prices include freight and insurance to your door; signature required.
  • Displayed metal sale prices, however, are ultimately determined by spot price and/or exchange rate at the time your funds clear our bank account; unless prior arrangements have been made to fix price.
  • Price and availability of metals subject to typographical error and market fluctuations.
  • BuyBullion reserves the right to change the premiums at any time.
  • BuyBullion reserves the right to substitute a similar item if your item is out of stock; however BuyBullion will make the best effort to consult with you about the substitute if the timing of the trade will not be compromised.
  • BuyBullion does not give any investment advice and/or guarantee a profit. Past performance of coins/bar/rounds is no guarantee of future performance. The precious metals market is volatile and metal prices may fluctuate. Therefore, there may be a loss/gain of principle. The resale value of metal(s) may not be equal to the original purchase price.
  • BuyBullion does not store any precious metals on site. All metals are stored in two geographically-separate professional safe custody storage vaults.
  • The information on this website does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.
  • BuyBullion makes no recommendations as to the merits of any financial product referred to in this website, but merely offers opinions about bullion and topics related to the silver and gold markets.
  • When BuyBullion buys gold or silver from private sellers, the item(s) must be inspected weighed and electromagnetically tested over-the-counter at BuyBullion Headquarters before funds will be credited to the seller’s bank account. Funds will leave the BuyBullion bank account overnight and likely credit the same business day for ANZ customers or next business day for other banks.
  • All Investments made by Bitcoin or Alt-coins are at the buyer’s risk.
  • Crypto-currencies are provided by us for a commission, and our service is to deliver the crypto-currency to the wallet address(es) you provide us at which point it is your responsibility and risk to store that currency.
  • Hardware wallets sold by us are provided brand new from the manufacturer, and any support for use of the wallet is your responsibility.
  • All crypto-currency and bullion sales are final.
  • Should a dispute arise over any product or service we provide, you must put the dispute in writing by email to us @ scott@buybullion.nz and allow us to respond. If our response does not resolve the dispute, you may take the issue to http://www.ifso.nz for resolution. There is no cost to you to do this.
  • We follow all applicable Know Your Customer, Anti-Money-Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Regulations and have detailed written Policies covering how we avoid such risk with each customer. This policy is available upon written request to peruse.